All Jumpscares

Extreme Custom Night with all Jumpscares crushes together the gameplay of each FNAF amusement in presence. That implies doors to close, covers to wear, vents to check, toy-boxes to twist, PCs to reboot, and bounty more. There are an aggregate of 50 distinctive animatronics prepared to creep you out, hailing from all edges of the FNAF universe. Each animatronic adds another novel repairman to surviving the night. Each can be set to a trouble estimation of 1-20. Including more animatronics and expanding their trouble builds your custom night’s point esteem. Effectively total the incentive to enlist your high score and show it off against the various FNAF greats out there.

There’s likewise a “best time” tracker for what is being known as the 50/20 mode, which puts each puppet at their most noteworthy trouble and enacts them at the same time. This mode might be difficult to beat, but that doesn’t imply that individuals wouldn’t attempt. Until the point when somebody figures out how to really beat this crazy difficulty, individuals can track their survival times down to the portion of a second with an in-game clock.

The amusement likewise accompanies 16 themed trials, a considerable lot of which impersonate other FNAF recreations. By finishing these difficulties and scanning for mysteries midgame, you can open unique office skins to show your security room after various FNAF portions. Over the greater part of that, there are even exceptional legend cutscenes to be found!

You get new opens each time you pass a specific score limit. You can get catalysts that you can store and use before particular runs. Certain dolls can add new enemies to your mashup that seem to appear out of nowhere. Certain animatronics have uncommon demise cutscenes which could conceivably have legend goodies to stow away. Most characters are even completely voiced in this version.