The malicious animatronics are on the loose again! This time they cooped up quite an army since you’ll be set up against all 50 of them. Every puppet that ever appeared in FNAF with cheats will be selectable for the ultimate mashup. You can configure your own list of characters to confront and also choose how dangerous they will be by setting their difficulty level from 0 to 20. The game features familiar heroes like Freddy himself and his followers. Each of them has their own characteristics and knowing them is crucial to success. Some of the animatronics, for instance, will slow down in a cold environment and you can use the temperature controller to prevent them from getting near you. Others are sensitive to music and you can keep them busy by changing tunes on the music box. Learn their strong and weak sides to gain advantage in the upcoming trial. The choice of devices you can use to fend off the puppets’ attacks has also been expanded. Now you not only control the doors and vents, but also can utilize a fan, a heater, a power generator and other stuff you will find in the security office. Take care to learn how to use each of these things properly before starting the game because it can be quite tough to keep an eye on everything at once without preparation.

 For each completed trial you will get a certain sum of Faz-Coins. They will come in handy if you decide to purchase a few items in the game store like new weapons, additional facilities and other important stuff. You can also spend them on new office skins if you want to try playing on a new location. Create your own FNAF mashup and see if you can make it to the dawn in a tense eight-minute session in a horror-packed pizzeria!