It’s appalling how such terrible monsters can hide in a plush disguise! Freddy and his animatronic friends will again make their move on you, but this time there will be all 50 of them against you locked in a security office! Can you survive the night surrounded by these spooky creatures? Select your own animatronic mashup setting the difficulty level of each character from 0 to 20 and try your chances in the familiar pizzeria ridden with toys that walk in the darkness. You’ll have more options to protect your life, including things you already know from previous games like security cameras, remotely controlled doors and air vents, but also some new stuff, from air conditioner to music boxes. That will give you an edge over animatronics sensitive to temperature and sound. But that doesn’t mean your task will get any easier! Complete 16 levels, gain Faz-Coins and spend them to buy more weapons, useful appliances and other stuff that will help you fend off blood-thirsty puppets. There are also new skins and offices that were unavailable earlier and can be unlocked after clearing all the challenges. Those who ever played FNAF will be thrilled with Ultimate Custom Night! Configure your own trial, survive from midnight to 6am and check if your reflexes and nerves are strong enough for facing dreadful toys crawling closer and closer to your shelter!