Survival horror has long gained a reputation of a highly popular genre and Five Nights at Freddy’s is one of the most appreciated game in this category. The character works in a pizza house where strange and ominous things happen at night. Mechanic dolls in the window become alive and wander around the building looking for a victim to tear to pieces. Your task is to survive while staying in the security room and keeping your job. Since FNAF proved to be a successful project, you now have access to an ultimate mashup of all characters that will be unleashed on you in the darkness. Will you be able to save your skin? Let’s see…

 The gameplay of Ultimate Custom Night was well assessed by the critics. One of the main features of the game is its simplified graphics that contributed to the heightening of fear and paranoia. You need to survive from midnight to 6am, that’s about eight minutes of real time. The catch is that you can’t leave the room, this is a necessary restriction of the game for you to fully plunge into the atmosphere. Many players chose this game for unique aesthetics and peculiar mechanics. You can open and close the doors, turn on the light in the corridors to check up on your enemies and watch them through the cameras. There are also counters that reflect the amount of power left and the level of noise. If you run out of electricity, the lights will go off and you won’t see anything. Other appliances won’t function either. Then the additional generator will be turned on, there will be a lot of noise that will attract the killer… And game over!

 Ultimate Custom Night adds a few new features that make the familiar gameplay even more thrilling. Now you can select the difficulty of the trial. There are a total of 16 challenges with 50 characters to choose from. Additional elements include one more door, ventilation, appliances that make sounds. There are also custom objects. After completing the trial, you’ll gain a certain amount of coins that you can spend on skins and perks that will help you in the game. There are also cutscenes telling the story of the pizzeria. Overall, it’s an experience no FNAF fan can miss! Plunge into this ultimate mashup and see whether you can outsmart the animatronics!