Ultimate Edition

Those who already played Five Nights at Freddy’s will definitely be thrilled to find out there is a new part of the series on the market! This time you’ll be thrown into the horror environment of an abandoned pizza house against 50 animatronics of your choice. Freddy and his friends will team up to finally get to you. Don’t let them do it! As usual, you will partly control the situation from the security office locking and unlocking doors, observing the movement of the puppets through the cameras and making sure they don’t climb in through one of the air vents. However, developers haven’t left you empty-handed. You now can use laser traps and various devices to protect yourself from the monsters when they are close. There is an adjustable level of difficulty for those willing to test their skills from 0 to 20. Surviving till the dawn will bring you some money that can be spent on buying handy stuff. Change the look of your office, unlock new objects to increase your chances and find out whether you reflexes are good enough!