FNAF 7 Minecraft

It’s a familiar place and familiar danger, but the rules of the games are new! Ultimate Custom Night throws you right into the vortex of the midnight horror unleashed on a cursed pizzeria, peaceful at day and filled with mystical creatures at night. The toys entertaining the guests in the work hours hop off their shelves and start walking along the corridors eager to break out and kill someone. Your task is to keep them inside and prevent them from getting into your room. Otherwise you will experience a terrible death! Can you hold up for six hours until the break of dawn? There is only one way to find out… Unlike the previous versions of FNAF, this one enables you to choose the set of characters on your own. Each of them can additionally be configured from 0 to 20 responding to the level of their difficulty. You’ll gain access to new devices that will help you watch the monsters, control the doors and parameters like temperature and noise. Setting up laser traps will also contribute to slowing the dolls down and keeping them at a safe distance. Depending on the particular selection of animatronics you face, you need to consider their advantages and soft spots to choose the right strategy of survival. Good luck!