Ultimate Custom Night is a very creepy game that relates to the Five Nights at Freddy’s series that has already become a hit. In this part of the franchise you’ll meet all 50 animatronics that have ever made appearance in the previous versions of the game. Do you realize the responsibility? One of the new features is that you can now set the gameplay according to your own preferences. You will again find yourself in the FNAF world in a security office where you will be methodically looking for ways to survive, surrounded by monsters dolls, their number growing with every level. There are so many hostile characters from the earlier games that the situation will never be the same. Everything will be like the first time, only with a new threat. Keep alert and closely watch all the entryways the killers can get into your room.

 You’ll have both the old, familiar methods of fighting the dangers and totally new ones that you yet need to discover and customize at your disposal. Use the heating element, music box, power generator and a dozen of other appliances that can come in quite handy in your mission. Besides standard sets of items and actions, you also need to learn setting traps and tracing their efficiency. For the Faz-Coins that you will gain after clearing a level, you can purchase new weapons, useful items and other important things. You’ll gain access to 16 mashups in the trial menu. Developers have added new sounds for both old and new animatronics, previously unavailable offices and plenty of cutscenes that will shed light on the story. Try Ultimate Custom Night and you won’t regret!