FNAF 7 Ultimate Custom Night

This is going to be a tough night. Once again you’ll find yourself trapped in a security room under the attack of mortal puppets. However, the dangers will be much higher this time. You are going to be set up against a total of 50 animatronics that you have already met in other FNAF games released over the past years. To survive in this hostile surroundings, you’ll need to learn how to control all the appliances at your disposal and also find out the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies. Here are some tips that will help you in this daring task.

 First of all, pay enough attention to the controls. You’ll be in charge of multiple devices that you’ll need to use simultaneously. Each of the appliances will affect at least one of the dolls. If you make a mistake, you can end up dead. So it’s highly important not to skip this part of the gameplay before plunging into your first trial. It’s unadvisable to begin with a level of difficulty that is too complicated. The greater number of enemies you face and the more intelligent they are, the harder it is to win. So set the game to lower difficulty the first few times to give yourself an opportunity to get the hang of the mechanics. Ultimate Custom Night also allows you to select any animatronics of your choice to play against. That means you can configure the level to your own taste. Altering the set of characters from time to time will add more variety to the gameplay. Note that the monsters’ intelligence can be modified to either make the game easier or toss in some new challenges. It’s up to you to decide whether you are ready to face a looming threat!

 Another important advice is to save electricity. There is only a limited amount of power you can use through the night. Every time you turn on the switches, look on the monitor or close the door, your supply of electricity wanes, so don’t just perform these actions chaotically to store enough power for situations when you’ll really require it. The monitor is necessary to control the majority of characteristics of the environment and keep track of what’s happening outside the security room. There are also devices that produce noise and music and can be used against sound-sensitive animatronics. They can keep the dolls occupied and prevent them from attacking you. Keep these tips in mind while playing Ultimate Custom Night and you’ll definitely have more chances to survive in a monster-ridden pizzeria!